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SPN NashCon 2012...

Will be my first SPN convention.

My poor budget......

But I figure, I'm getting older, getting more set in my ways (GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU FREAKIN' KIDS!) and I really need to get out of the house. I want to experience a convention solely devoted to SPN. 

Plus I've only ever been to Chattanooga as far as Tennessee goes, so seeing Nashville will be awesome!

Now I just have to plan for the hotel room and photo ops. *face palm* Thank Cas this convention is a ways off!

So now I've got to start planning things and figuring out MORE things and basically driving myself crazy.

So there it is.  NashCon 2012. Yeehaw!

(I think this time I will hold up a sign with the correct spelling of my name for Misha.  Or maybe not. 3rd time misspelling's a charm!)

DragonCon with Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, and Samantha Ferris

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Second photo op was with Misha and my nerves were threatening to do something drastic. Y’all, trying to do breathing exercises while looking calm is HARD. Anyway, after finishing up with Mark, the lady who organized the line for the photos announced that Misha was on his way up. Me: ASDLKFJSDLKFJSLF *more deep breaths, still trying to look calm*

About 5-10 minutes after that they started letting people in the room and Misha was already in there chatting with the photographer and popping an Altoid (at least that’s what it looked like) into his mouth. Me: ASDLFKJASDLFJSDLFJKSDL I literally had to turn away and say “oh my god.” Not gonna lie. I was overwhelmed. Fangirl mode: ON. Everyone else: *chit chat with friends* and I’m thinking HELLO PEOPLE, MISHA COLLINS IS IN THE ROOM AND YOU ARE ALL TALKING TO EACH OTHER LIKE NBD.

His attitude was jovial, smiling, conversing with the fans, looking relaxed. He was dressed in a blue, green, and white plaid shirt with a penguin logo. The closer I got to him I had a litany of OMGOMGOMG continuously going through my head and, I’m sorry, but I stared like a creepy stalker. But I’m not one, I promise!

I forgot to see if he was wearing the “con boots” because I was too busy staring at his FACE. I noticed he had scruff once I could drag myself away from his eyes.

Finally I just sent a little prayer for me not to trip in my high heels (because THAT would be something to happen to me) and I walked towards him and he put his arm around me and I swear I turned into a teenager again. But I mentally kicked myself because Misha Collins had his arm around me and I opened my mouth to speak, praying that I wouldn’t word vomit and sound insane.

Me: Good morning! How are you? *holy shit your face is like Hallelujah*

Misha: Good morning to you. I’m great. And you?

Me: Oh, I’m pretty good. *mental snicker because really, I‘m standing next to Misha*<camera click, photographer makes pornographic noises of approval again>

Me: *Misha’s got his arm around me, Misha’s got his arm around me, Misha’s got his arm around me. GRIN GRIN GRIN* Thank you so much!

Misha: Well thank you!


I walked back out into the holding area and just stood there for a minute thinking “WTF did I just do?” “He held me gently” “His eyes…” and “I need to call somebody about this epic thing that just went down” hence I called my mother and texted my best friend (who laughed at me all week about this--but in a good way). Then I tweeted again. Then I needed a mental break so I could process. I kinda floated down to the 2nd floor again to buy autograph tickets, still going “asdlkfjasdlfkjMISHAasdkjfsldkfjARMAROUNDMEasjdflskdfl”

Sorry, Harper47, I wasn’t able to do the “fun” photo op that we talked about. Everything was rushed, there were A LOT of peeps for Misha and I wouldn’t have had enough time to go buy another photo op ticket and get back in time. Ticket table and photo ops room were on separate floors. I think that’s my only regret but I had awesome to happen later on so it kinda made up for that!

After getting the tickets I went back to the photo holding room and just decompressed when I saw Julie, who is completely gorgeous (as if we didn’t already know this), walk into the room for her photo ops. And who decides to hang out in the photo ops room, talking on his phone, during Julie and Sam’s photo ops? Yep. Him.

I wasn’t able to get a photo op with Julie but I had one with Sam, who was immediately after Julie. So I’m waiting in line in the room WITH MISHA, who was over to the side chatting on his phone. He happened to look up straight at me. What is my life right now. I can’t even.

But I had to get my photo ops with Sam, whom I adore because I love Ellen. Absolutely gorgeous and friendly and open to conversing even at photo ops. Made me feel completely comfortable, no nerves at all (even with seeing Misha in the chair behind the photographer). Fun and lovely lady!

Sam: Hello there! How are you!

Me: I’m great! How are you!

Sam: Doing good!

*camera click, and yes, MORE photographer pornographic noises*

Me: Thank you so much!

Sam: Thank you! Have a great day!

And now I have to pass Misha to go out of the photo ops room and I’ll I’m thinking is *I wish I could wave at you but you’re still on the phone talking and I don’t want to interrupt and I definitely don’t want you to think I’m a creeper* So instead I snuck a glance (like a creeper), he had his legs crossed and kept on chatting. I aimed for walking nonchalantly out of the room, but it probably looked more like I zombie walked out.

At which point I’m guessing I tweeted some more. LOL

Stood outside in the holding area to get all my pictures put away and there goes Misha and Julie by me with their entourage to go down to autographs. Misha stopped one girl and two others and said something about “there you are, you were hiding in the corner” at which point she laughed and said something and he grinned and left. I was going to sit for a bit before autos when I spotted the girl covering her mouth in disbelief that Misha talked to her. I grinned at her and said, “You handled that better than I would have” which led us to talking about Misha and J2 and Genevieve and how we adore her and scoffed at the hate Gen gets. They were lovely people from Australia *eyes you athiep* who were encouraging me to go to a SPN Convention from Creation and that I simply MUST MEET JARED PADALECKI. :DDDD Then they asked me who my favorite was. Um, I was kinda scared to answer because this fandom sometimes y‘know? But I thought WTF and I pointed down the hallway where Misha went and said “That one.” But they love him too so no worries.

Time for autos at this point. Earlier I bought 2 Misha tickets, 1 for Mark and 1 for Sam. My plan was to have a signed photo of Misha framed for my desk at work and to have him sign my STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE dvd (because the title of that movie must ALWAYS BE IN CAPS, BY GODSTIEL) along with Sam and Mark’s photos for home display. I didn’t want any of them to sign the photo ops picture so I ended up getting pic of Cas from ep. 5.10 where he’s outside Crowley’s crib. Mark’s pic is from Doctor Who where Canton’s holding the gun and about to shoot Amy, and Sam’s pic is of when we first meet Ellen in S2 and she’s leaning on the bar.

And of course, Julie Caitlin Brown moves me to the front of the line of others because I had tickets already (plus, she’s such a BAMF) and directed me to Misha’s table.

Misha’s ticket taker lady was very nice (I’ll explain later) and took down my name for Misha to copy on the auto. Which Misha FAILED to look at. LOL OMG Misha ILU for this, honestly.

Misha: Hi!

Me *guhcan‘tbelievethiswhatamIdoing* Hi!

Misha: And who’s this to?

Me: Me. *face palm then I give him my name*

Misha: *writes my name wrong THEN says* Wait.  Is it  "y" or "ie" at the end?

Me: *LOL* an “ie” *points to paper ticket lady wrote on* See, right there!

Misha: Ah dammit! Let me just make that correction for you. Hope that’s ok. It’ll be of sentimental value for ya.

Me: *whatever you say Misha I’m juuuuuuuuust fine* Oh yeah sure! No problem.

Misha: *grins*

Me: I’ve got one more.

Misha: Ok! What is it?


Misha: *gets huge grin on his face* Ah yes! Excellent! I’d be honored to sign this!

Me: Well, it IS fantastic entertainment.

Misha: *laughs and signs it correctly this time* Here you go!

Me: *starts to speak*

At this point Misha looks up at me then notices this cute elderly couple standing next to me in line. The man is dressed in a king of hearts card outfit and I guess it blows Misha’s mind that the gentleman was dressed up but apparently he knows them and started chatting with them. I’m still standing there all “BZUH, um Misha I wasn’t DONE YET” (autos weren’t hurried, very casual, more face time w/celebs) but apparently the elderly couple were more interesting than me, which I kinda agree. I mean a 70+ year old man dressed as a playing card? But I’m still standing there awkwardly and kinda “um I don’t want to leave because I do have something to tell you Misha” but Misha was already in conversation with the couple so I sauntered over and got Mark’s and Sam’s autos.

Mark didn’t talk much really. Just “who’s this to?” “thank you for coming” then got back on his phone after signing. LOL I was the only one in his line at the time.

Sam on the other hand, was very talkative and open. She talked about the picture she was signing for me, how it was the first scene she shot with Jensen and Jared and how they, as their characters, were sizing each other up.

Me: That’s what they needed! To be sized up! Especially by a badass female!

Sam: Oh hell yeah! Here’s to the badass females! They needed that!

Me: They certainly did!

Then we went on to talk about Abandon All Hope and what a great death scene it was plus it being very emotional. I told her how I understood Ellen’s position being a mom myself, and that it was gut wrenching for me to watch as well as gut wrenching for her to act it out. She talked about how she heard it was very meaningful and sad for others and that pleased her! LOL Basically meaning she did her job.

Now that I had everyone’s autos I went out into the lobby and thought for a bit about my encounter with Misha and how it ended oddly for me. I came to the conclusion that that wasn’t good enough and me and Mr. Collins were going to have another conversation. I was bound and determined to tell him what I needed to say. So I ended up buying another autograph ticket, picked a photo from the table, and went back inside to his line. There was only one dude there and he and Misha were talking about IDK what, but here’s what happened with the ticket taker lady that was fun:

Ticket taker lady: Hi there!

Me: I’m back AGAIN. *LOL*

Ticket taker lady: Back again huh? *smiles* You just can’t help it can you? HE’S LIKE A MOTH TO A FLAME. YOU CAN’T STAY AWAY.

Me *I LOVE THIS LADY SHE SPEAKS TRUTH* Yes ma’am it seems that he is.

Ticket taker lady: This happens all the time.

Me: I can see why!

Both of us: *giggles*

At which point, I notice Misha’s drinking hot tea, also this is where I get a real good look at his hands and OMG they are big and lovely! Then I’m looking at his FACE again and pictures just do NOT do this man justice. He is a beautiful human being. Absolutely gorgeous. Stunning!

So I’m still waiting for dude to finish talking when he says this:

Dude: So out of all the writers, who do you think is more “Mad Hattery“?

Misha: What’s “mad hattery”? What do you mean?

Dude: Like zany, quirky.

Misha: BEN. Definitely Ben.


Then talk goes into what Ben’s written, Misha stating Ben created “The Tick,” dude saying he wasn’t into Buffy/Angel, and another show they mentioned which I can’t remember. At that point, the lovely ticket taker lady said, “Misha you’ve got more people waiting” and Misha said, “Oh yeah! Ok, it was nice talking to you” to the dude. Then I walk up again and I feel the word vomit coming.

Me: Hello again. Think you can spell my name right this time? *big grin* Just kidding. *cheezes*

Misha: Oh that’s right! I’m so terribly sorry about that! Let’s see if I can get it right.

Me: No seriously I’m just teasing. I just came back because *gets serious* I don’t feel I properly expressed how I am appreciative of Cas and of you when I was here earlier. I just wanted you to know that. Both of you mean a lot.

Misha: Oh wow, thank you so much for saying that. I really appreciate it!

Me: *puts on puppy face* Can I have a hug? *looks at ticket taker lady then at Misha* Is that allowed?

Misha: Oh absolutely! I encourage it! I encourage it!


LOL And he’s STILL talking as he hugs me, thanking me for talking to him. His voice is deep and vibrating and he’s squeezing me like big bear hug squeezing.

Sad part: In one part of my brain though, I honestly felt part of the hug was a goodbye to Cas. A parting thank you hug, at least in my mind I made it that way, because of what has happened with him on show and my decision not to watch SPN anymore. I mean, the Cas I know and love will always be there, but I mentally block out what happened at the end of S6, so it’s like a goodbye in a way. Don’t know if I’m explaining this all correctly. At any rate this is delving into a whole other ballgame so moving on…


So then I pick up my photo he signed, and I tell him it was nice to meet him and thanks and good bye and I start to walk off when ticket taker lady stops me and says:

Ticket taker lady: WAIT! I think you're missing a letter in your name?

Me: *looks down at auto, sees Misha MISSPELLED MY NAME AGAIN, and grin* Yeah. (I swear it’s like he did it on purpose! LOL Still I’m HONORED for the misspelling! TWICE. )

Misha: Did I write it wrong AGAIN??? What is wrong with me? *laughs*

Me: *not a damn thing, bb*

Misha: *points to my name* Look I even left space for the missing letter.

Me: Just write “to you” next time. Much easier.

Misha: *laughs* Yeah, good idea! *inserts missing letter in name*

Me: Nice meeting you again, Misha!

Misha: Nice to meet you too. Sorry I messed up your name.

Me: *personally I’m honored you screwed it up* Oh no problem! Have a good time!

Misha: Thanks!

And that’s it.

In conclusion:





I’m sure I’m leaving some things out. I’m sincerely overwhelmed, grateful, happy, and thankful for even having the opportunity to meet Misha. I honestly don’t think those words are enough to describe today. I‘ll have a grin on my face for awhile. Understand that I NEVER thought I would meet Misha, like EVER. So this was a huge deal for me.




Thank you to those on Twitter for being excited for me and suffering through my incessant jibber jabber about meeting him in the weeks leading up to today. I did try to temper the twitter talk but it’s HARD not to do when it comes to Misha. Hopefully you understand!

Great day. Great day indeed. :D



SPN Hitler vid and SPOILERS for S5

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I haven't posted in a while, but JEEBUS peeps, we've got Big Bang going on, ComicCon flew by, spoilers are popping up everywhere, and Sam-girls bitching and getting their panties in a damn twist.   I could not be happier.  Now just hold up a sec before you accuse me of hatin' on our sweet Sammy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I love the guy.  He was a shit in S4 but it's expected and I don't think of him any less.  I believe it's called "character DEVELOPMENT." DUH!

Anywho,  I thought the Channel Hopping vid on YT was so creative and funny and that nothing could top it.  Until this got posted a few days ago...(SPOILER WARNING FOR S5 of SUPERNATURAL)

I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life.  The person who made this vid deserves an award for accurately portraying those that are  butthurt by the events at CC and in the fandom in general.   And anyone who bitches about how it makes fun of them just goes to prove the vid's point.

Best line in the whole damn thing and sums up butthurt feelings very nicely:
Hitler:  Why can't I just have the plot go exactly as I want it to?

Other favorite lines:
Chick in the hallway:  It's ok.  We'll stick to the Misha fansites.
Hitler: Sell the Creation Con tickets and burn the J2 Sandwich photo.

I think it says a lot when even an ACTOR ON THE SHOW posts it to his Facebook page.  Kudos to Jim Beaver---HE GETS IT! Kripke should see this, laugh, and then say "Get the fuck OVER it already."

And now, your angelic pic of the day:

<sighs>He's such a pretty angel.  I doubt I need to remind you what happened in this scene.  I can say that my heart broke into little itty bitty pieces.  But then Cas and Dean got "married" in the next ep, so it's all good.  MUAHAHAHA.

We're gettin' close!

Spoilers are leaking out now about Supernatural S5, BUT where's the MISH????  Oh! HERE'S HIS SEXY ASS!!!!!!

(sighs)He needs to be cloned or something...

Those other two Supernatural guys...Collapse )
This is what happens during hiatus.  It drives fangirls to make random posts, or turn to blatent stalkery!

Me? I've read so much fanfic that my eyes are starting to cross.

As the Supernatural Turns...

This week on "As The Supernatural Turns"....

a speculation of the worst kind...Collapse )



I really thought I was gonna have to go all Dean Winchester on this lady.  She basically ran my kid into the pasta aisle.  It took a lot for me not to say something, cuz really....

<breathes in, breathes out>

I'm home now.  Out of the heat.  Out of the throng of people.

On a much more happier note...SPN VID REC TIME!!!

Tears stream down your face and I will fix you...Collapse )

Dreams, MishMish Twitter, and Vid Rec Time.

My neck hurts...like whoas.  I can hardly move it. 

So I had my second dream about Misha/Castiel, well really it was Castiel, last night.  Man, my subconcious is freaking insane.  I won't explain it all as the first part didn't even have Cas in it.  The second part did and it went like this: I was sitting in diner booth, when a friend (Jason is his name) came over and sat down next to me, followed by Castiel.  The following conversation happened:

Castiel:  I must go.  They are calling me.
Me: But why?
Castiel: I am needed.
Me:  I worry for you.
Castiel: I know.  Don't.  Jason will protect you.
Me: How? You're an angel, he isn't.
Jason: Just listen to him.
Castiel: He has my belt.
Me:. . . .


Yeah, I was all "BZUH??" about the belt thing. Now how the belt is supposed to protect me I have no clue.  Or maybe it has a *deeper* meaning...


Sexy prisoner...Collapse )

SPN Video Rec Time!
Castiel is BAMF!Collapse )

SPN Vid Rec Time! (Cas-Jimmy centric)

I've spent some time on YT (and sometimes imeem) watching videos and I've stumbled across some VERY good ones.  I thought I would post some of my favorites, give some talented vidders some recognition.

First one is about Castiel-Jimmy (naturally).  It's a character study and it is BEAUTIFULLY done.  It starts out in black and white and switches to color so simply it's breathtaking.  The song is a cover of Massive Attack's "Tear Drop" sung by Jose Gonzalez.


I have to say that I have watched that video a gazillion times, it's so good.

More to come later!

I know. I know.  WTF is wrong with me???  He beat the shit out of my Cas and wanted ol' Lucy out of his cage.  He even took shots at Dean.  We're mudmonkeys to him.  Nothing but disgusting creatures of habit...

I think it was a fic I read in which the writer handled Uriel's character really well.  Also, I have that scene of Uriel telling Dean "And WE...don't care" in my head from On The Head Of A Pin.  Plus, he can hands-on smite a demon like no other.

So here's to you, Robert Wisdom.  Your portrayal of Uriel and his scathing remarks about us lowly humans are missed. 

C'mon now.  You didn't think I could talk about Uriel WITHOUT bringing up Cas, right??

One more Robert for the road...

Bob goes all GQ...Collapse )